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   We hope that you can find what you are looking for here at the online store for Talon SD Records.  We also carry the full line of Ramblin' Rose Records.  In most cases, each of the singing call records comes with a vocal and an instrumental cut, along with an HTML cue sheet.  Currently the exception to this is RAM 1001B, Believe.  It was originally produced as a patter record.  Thanks to Mr. John Saunders, a singing call version is available.  (Yes, only one recording is required.)

   Sample recordings are provided with each song.  Please note that you can play more that one sample at a time.  While the result may be interesting initially, you will discover that you need to finish or stop the currently playing sample before starting another one.

   Payment is made solely via PayPal for instant access to you purchase.  This is to keep down distribution costs, resulting in lower prices for you.

   Occasionally, we produce one of those songs that just begs for variation from what is considered "normal" Square Dance form.  Sometimes to accommodate our preference, we will release a song with two versions.  When we do, you will receive both versions, complete with instrumental and vocal cuts, for the regular price.  We don't want you to have to choose one over the other.

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